The Battle In the Gym

This is what it was like in the gym today:

Bench press

Body: I’m not doing this.
Me: We are going to do this.
Body: I can’t do this. I’m to weak, and I’m in pain.
Me: Sorry. But you’re not the boss of me. I’m in charge, and we’re doing this.
Body: Fine!!

Dumbbell flies

Body: I’m definitely NOT doing this. I might hurt myself.
Me: Shut the f%$k up! I’ll guide you through it.

Several exercises later

Me: Time for some cardio!
Body: No! I am not using valuable energy for this shit.
Me: Come on! Let’s go! You can do better than that!
Body: If I wasn’t  connected to you I’d stop your heart.
Me: Shut up and release the juice.



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