Uncharacteristically Tired

I was sick most of the week. I only got to work out yesterday and today. I felt fine most of the time I was in the gym working out. However, yesterday after doing the cardio portion of my workout I was uncharacteristically tired. I wasn’t dizzy, but I didn’t feel right. I came home, showered, watched TV for about an hour, then went to bed at around 7pm. I slept until 11 a.m. this morning. I didn’t know whether I was tired or something was wrong with me. Then I remembered this evening that I never did fall asleep the night before. And I had a doctor’s appointment that morning also.

Today’s workout was all about the arms. I hate arm day. I never feel like I have done enough. And because of that, I sometimes overdo it. I know I did today because my arms are already sore. And they will be really sore tomorrow.

I didn’t work as hard on the elliptical machine today. Yesterday I pretty much sprinted the entire 45 minutes. Today I took it easy because my butt and legs were sore from yesterday.

My weight is still holding at 250 lbs… I don’t know what happened or how my body works. Last week I was down to 245 lbs. one day. Between then and yesterday, I regained 5 lbs.. Maybe because I didn’t get to go to the gym Monday through Wednesday. We’ll see what happens next week. My diet was a little off for several days, also.


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