Progress is Hard!

Workout felt pretty good today. Bench pressing with just the weight of the bar was surprisingly beneficial. I could feel my chest muscles really flexing. I got a good stimulation. My goal was to finish stimulating my triceps, as it was arm day. However, the stimulation of the chest was a pleasant surprise. I don’t get that kind of stimulation when I use heavier weight. And when I get that kind of stimulation I get real muscle growth. It’s something to think about doing on a more regular basis.

I have started to use lighter weight and less sets because it seems that not being young anymore kind of limits how hard you can work your body. I am having major issues with my shoulders. I thought it would be my back. It’s always my back! But not this time. My back is stronger than ever, though I have to be careful with it because of what the doctor calls degenerative disc disease. I guess as long as I keep working I’ll be fine.

My other issue is eating right. I don’t know why that is such a problem for me. Part of it is because I’m lazy. If I log the foods that I eat I do a lot better. But I don’t alway log, or, I won’t log everything I actually ate. If not for the exercising I think would have gained all the weight I lost in the summer, but I’m holding at around a 15 pound loss. I’m plateaued.  And I know that if I just got my eating under control I could break through to more weight loss.

Don’t intend to give up. The good news is that my cardio strength is off the charts! I feel stronger than I have felt in a really long time.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and I expect to hear good things. It’s just a regular checkup.


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