I have not been able to get myself under control. I am absolutely eating all of the wrong things, and eating a lot of it.

I started walking but it has not been on a regularly basis. It hurts my back to stand. It hurts more when I walk. It hurts even more the next day. I’m not talking about being sore. It is the kind of pain that comes from injury. Being the fat does not help. I’m so fat it hurts.

It has progressively gotten worse since my back surgery in 2010. It will not stop me though. Sometimes the pain is great. Sometimes the pain is none existent.

It is not only my back, but when my neck gets out of whack it causes my shoulders to hurt, and my fingers start to go numb.

Yes I need to see a doctor about it, but I don’t think there is anything they will be able to do about it. So, I will keep trying. I have to get my eating under some sort of control. Its just so easy to eat whatever, or to just stop at McDonalds. Eating the right things takes so much more effort. I don’t care what anybody says. Its not that easy!

My next door neighbor dropped dead of a heart attack yesterday. Granted, he was about 10 years older than me, but, he was a very active man. It was surprising.

Anyway, this week I want to try to change, little by little, the things I eat, and try to walk  a little more.