Here is an update

An Update

I’m still holding at 9 pounds lost. I still have not completely figure it out what I am doing with my carbs and my fat intake. It is just a little bit more difficult than I thought to get my macronutrients straight.

I have only had a couple of problems with hunger, and I believe that was because my fat intake was too low. I have now increased my fat intake and I am not having much of a problem with hunger, and I still haven’t gained any weight by doing this.

I read that lowering my carbs and not consuming enough fat will cause my body to try and create glucose from my protein and my muscles. I also read that if I have a high carb and high fat diet, this also spells disaster for my body, just weight gain and bad health.

The idea is to go low carb and high fat. Low carbs to deprive the body of material to make glucose. High-fat to encourage the body to switch to fat to burn as energy. By doing this successfully the idea is to cause the body to become a fat burner instead of sugar burner, and to start burning the rest of my fat ass and belly and head, but just the fat.

It is called the ketogenic diet. The science email sounds do solid. I want to give it a chance. I haven’t quite figured out my balance, but I will, because I will not give up.


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