I, for the past three years or so, have struggled with insomnia. There have been days  and days  and days .. With no sleep. There is a possibility that what you are eating can throw off sleep patterns. I have sleep apnea, which probably contributes to the problem. I actually snore loud enough to wake myself up. But since beginning this diet I have noticed that my sleep pattern is sort of normalizing.

For the last couple of weeks I have been going to bed around midnight. But each day it is a little earlier. If I get sleepy enough to have to go to bed I don’t fight it. I just stop what I’m doing and go to bed. In the past week I have been waking up before my alarm and feeling really rested. I don’t know if it’s the diet, but if it is it is one more benefit of being on this diet.

Overall I am feeling better these days. Even with my back pain neck pain and hip pain. The doctor told me the other day that I was a young man with an old man’s neck. He thought I should have surgery right away because of the bulging disc, but said I could wait as long as I could stand the pain.

I am not a fan of surgery so I will be holding off as long as possible. The last time I had surgery for my lower back it seemed to help, but it added another kind of pain that I’ve had to live with for the last 5 Years. But who knows? Once I lose enough weight some of that pain may stop altogether. One can hope.


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