Choosing Healthy Options is not as Easy as it Sounds

I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, I think the system is rigged against poor people. I was in Whole foods yesterday, and the prices were unbelievable. No poor person (me) can afford to buy what’s good for them there. I think everyone should have access to healthy organic foods. But at the current cost that is not going to happen.

I saw free range organic chickens for like $12 – $14. I saw one ham hock for nearly $10. And whole food is always in an affluent area because the people who live in affluent areas are the only ones who could possibly afford to shop there. The rest of us are stuck with Wal-mart.

Now I realize that there are options other than Whole Foods but, being fresh out of a sociology class this semester, I’m a little more sensitive to the injustices of social stratifications base on race and class. Actually, I’m a little pissed off about it. I had not realized that it is as bad as it is.

I will be in search of those other options such as the farmers markets and other sources to get what I need. And even in Wal-mart there are a few healthier options to be had.

Don’t get me wrong. Whole Foods is  a great store, which is why I go there on occasion. They have products that stores in my area simply don’t have. However, I could never shop there on a regular basis unless I was rich, which I am not.

I said all of that to say that if we want to be healthy we need to put healthier foods into our bodies. And the the economic system we have in place simply does not make that possibility for everyone. Everyone should have access and the ability to buy healthy foods. Its like there is a conspiracy against the poor.

Anyway, I am done ranting. I need to figure out a way to better my own financial situation.

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