Ending Acid Reflux

In 1993, I was diagnosed with a Hiatal hernia, Gerd, acid reflux. The Navy docs put me on Tagamet and as the years progressed and the condition getting no better, I progressed to using Prilosec and then Nexium, which I have used until very recently.

Sometime last year I started reading the side effects fo medications I was taking. Nexium was one of those medicines. Nexium is supposed to be a temporary fix until your doctor figures out what is causing your problem. However, I have been taking these medications since I was diagnosed. Perhaps not many people experience them (I didn’t), but, there are some pretty significant side effects.

My doctors in the Navy never tried to figure out what was causing my acid reflux (big surprise). They just kept prescribing the medications. And sometimes civilian doctors are no better. I have been out of the Navy for 9 years. I am still prescribed Nexium for acid reflux.

However, since I have been on the ketogenic diet, I have noticed that I am not having issues with reflux like before. In fact, the longer I do the diet, the better it gets. This week I don’t think I have taken the medication at all. But I have been very careful to follow the keto-diet very carefully.

When I deviate from the low-carb, high-fat diet (consuming too many of, and, the wrong kinds of carbs) is when I notice that I have an issue with reflux. One of the reasons I thought I’d give this diet a try is because of Grains, Beans, Nuts, and Seeds, an article I read about how grains really are not that great for humans.

That lead me to the Paleo diet, and then I found the Ketogenic diet. Both of these ways of eating eliminate grains and things made from grains. Of course, like everyone else, I was educated to believe that grains are a source of good nutrition, and good for us. But since eliminating them from my diet, I have felt 100% better.

I have found that it is not the low-carb diet per se that keeps me acid-free, but, specifically the lack of grains and things made from grains that are the key. Now I’m no doctor and not even a nutritionist. However, I am capable of noticing results when I change something in my diet.

The so-called “cheat days” where you get to eat anything you want, always end with me taking Nexium (when I really over do it). My goal is to eliminate as many of the medications I take as possible.

I have figured out the acid reflux thing. Now I am hoping to eliminate blood pressure meds. And very soon I plan to end my meds for cholesterol control. These are not so good for the liver. It is my ultimate goal to be med free.


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