Keto Adaptation

I have spent the last several weeks, maybe over a month, eating all the wrong stuff. One day all I ate was cereal, high in sugar and carbs. It started with that stupid storm (Matthew), survival foods for when the power went out. It is tough to get back on track when you get off, even for a short time.


When you get on the keto diet, there is a period of adjustment, usually referred to as keto-adapting. It involves keeping your carb intake very low and your fat intake very high. It is not a high-protein diet; high protein can be converted to sugar-like carbs. The macro breakdown is usually 5% carbs, 20% protein, and 75% fat. The fat is what makes this thing work.

It is during the adaptation period that the body gets used to the idea of burning fat for energy. During this period, the body burns off the blood’s last bits of sugar or glucose. When that happens, the body has to find another energy source; fat is converted to ketones, which are then used as fuel. This will not occur until all the sugar is gone from the blood.

I have a tough time during this period. Mainly I’m dealing with false hunger pains. For instance, today, after each meal, I would feel hungry with a full stomach. I don’t know why this happens. But once I adapt, the very opposite happens. The low amount of carbs at each meal keeps the blood sugar from spiking, so I can go long periods without hunger. That means fewer calories are eaten, fat is used for energy, and weight is lost.

So, today is actually my first solemn day trying to adapt to keto again. So, I am in for some days of discomfort. I have regained 10 of the 34 pounds I’d lost. I’m a little disappointed in myself. I will not quit, though. I am still very serious about reaching my goal weight of 165-170 lbs. I started at 267 lbs. and currently weighs 243 lbs. So, I have no new pics to post – yet.


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