Doctor Visit

A favorite: ground beef steak, cauliflower, and roasted red bell pepper

I had my doctors appointment yesterday. As usual the numbers from my last blood test were not that impressive. However, I had not made any dietary changes that I could stick at the time.

Things are looking up  though. My BP was 126/80. It hasn’t been that low in months. My resting pulse was 69. And my weight is currently 249 lbs. I started a month ago at 267 lbs. – 18 pounds and counting.

I asked her about the low HR during exercise and she, “that is a good sign.” It means that some of the inflammation in my circulatory system has been reduced, most likely due to my change in diet.

She had never thought to check to see if I was allergic to glutens or any other grain foods. The reduction of grains seems to have been a good thing for me, and it has been easy. I have pretty much stopped drinking alcohol as well; no occasional wine.

I don’t know if I am strictly on any one diet. I am basically keeps my carbs low. And when I do eat them, I make sure they are nutrient dense. My doctor liked it. She just told me not to eat too much red meat because of the uric acid in the fats, and if I do, stay with the lean stuff. Any other healthy fats I am not worried about.

I have been walking on a more consistent basis. I haven’t been to the gym yet. Probably won’t go (if I go) until summer begins. I won’t be taking classes. I am almost done though. I have four more and I’ll be finished.

I may take pics, or post a video some time this week – before the weekend is over for sure.


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