Labor Day in South Carolina

I am pretty sure this is the first time I have done any celebrating ON labor day. I have spent the weekend hanging out with friends, but never the day of, and especially on a beach. I am not a beach person.

We are in Monks Corner, SC (I think), And we’re in a park called Short Stay; it is an RV campground by the lake. There is no overcrowding of people here today. And people seem mindful of social distancing.

We are having a cookout. I am here with my daughter, her mom ( Shelly), and her girlfriend, and her girlfriend’s toddler sister. My son is in Florida. He is in his first year of law school. Robert, Shelly’s husband, is just getting over a brutal bout with covid. He opted to stay home. He was not feeling up to being out. All the rest of us are vaccinated. I’m sure Robert will be vaccinated soon.

It’s about 88 degrees out here, an excellent day for beach and water fun. Most of the people here are either in the military or retired from the military. This campground is a military installation. There are people swimming and people in boats and on jet skis.

There is a good mix of people here. These people are from all walks of life, races, and cultures. Different people being able to work and play together is one of the great things about our military. Most everyone gets along. For the most part, the military seems to be able to put that kind of stuff aside. I used to think the rest of our country was the same way.

Perhaps one day, we will all be able to work and play together as one. But for today, I will settle for what I’m getting now, a little time with family today. Friday and Saturday, I hung out with two of my best friends, David and Celeste.

It has been a good Labor day weekend.



      1. Good to hear that, Tony. At least that makes one successful Covid story – most of what I hear is just plain bad.

        My family is doing okay. The worst we are facing now is the upcoming marriage of my eldest sister to a man who’s not in the least good for her. Lots of stress BUT sis insists on this happening, so what do you do?

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