Recovering From My Trip To Rhode Island

So, it has been several weeks, just about a month, since my last post, and I am still the same. For the most part, I fast consistently, my blood glucose levels are normal, blood pressure is excellent, but I have not lost any weight. Yet I have not gained weight either.

Since my trip to Rhode Island to see my daughter graduate from OCS, I have had elevated pain. Any time I take a trip longer than overnight, my pain increases the longer I’m away from my bed. When I return home, it takes several weeks to recover. I still have not returned 100%, but I am feeling better. It has been bad enough this time that I haven’t even practiced my saxophone since I returned.


One thing I have done since my return is performed some upgrades on my motorcycle. I have a 2020 Harley-Davidson Lowrider. A few weeks ago, I ordered a new complete after-market exhaust system, including air intake and a fuel management system.


I completed the installs myself, and it was pretty tricky. It was a two-person job, but no one was available while I was willing to do it. I struggled because the bike should have been on a motorcycle lift instead of the ground. So, I had to get into painful positions to get the job done. I managed to install the pipes without scratching them by partially wrapping them in a blanket. The air intake was easy to install. The easiest part was the fuel management system. It was literally plug-and-play.

Of course, I have been riding every chance I get, increasing my pain each time. It is probably why recovering from my trip has been so difficult.

I did not film the operation. However, I recorded enough moments to make a video to post to YouTube.

So, that is all I have done since I got home from Rhode Island. I will get back to the saxophone soon, though. Music is something I cannot seem to escape.


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